Is your website failing to generate leads for your business?

Then you need to turn your website into your most effective sales tool by optimising it to be informing, engaging and one that converts visitors into leads and customers into sales.

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You’re not just buying design

I’m not here to just build websites, I’m here to help build businesses.

Truth is, you don’t want a website — you want the outcome of having that website. If you're going to invest, you want a return. That's why just having a web presence isn't enough anymore - it has to work for you!

It needs to attract new business. It needs to inform, educate, persuade, engage and help convert visitors into buyers. Remember, the site is not built for you. It’s built for your customers.

Let's assume your marketing efforts have worked well and you're getting visitors to your site. But for some reason the site itself is not converting those visitors into business leads or customers. That’s what you could call money down the drain.

Selling is a part of business life and when combined with good, effective design you can grow your business and its bottom line by make your website do the heavy lifting for you.

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picture this

Imagine having a full time sales person working on your behalf 24/7 without you having to lift a finger.

Well, your website can be the most effective sales tool you have. It’s working even when you’re not. You could spend your time attending endless networking events hoping to drum up some new business – but time is money. Instead, you could build something that helps it to happen on its own.

Nothing beats opening your email first thing in the morning and having attracted a new lead, convinced them you’re the one they need and persuaded them to call - all while sleeping.

More clicks, more likes, more shares, more shoes (in the door) and more profit…name me a business that doesn’t want more of that?

Here’s the deal

I understand that you’re not just buying design. You’re buying the outcome of that design.

Every website has a purpose. But it takes much more than just a basic web presence or online brochure to get ahead in business these days. Even if you get good visitor traffic to your site (driven by search engines, social media, advertising, traditional marketing or just a good reputation), these visits won’t mean a thing unless you can convince users to take some kind of action. That action is called a conversion. And it can be many things. However, if they visit and immediately leave, then you’re essentially handing over those business opportunities to your competitors.

Successful websites are always goal focused. That goal could be to generate brand awareness, educate your client in some way, build an email list, boost sales or something else entirely. Ask yourself, are you looking to achieve awareness, engagement or sales? This will determine what type of website solution you need.

Continue reading below to find out how conversions will be the key to your success...

the secret sauce

Conversions are the key to success

Elements of a successful design include...
Results driven visual design
Clear user path to an end goal
Social Proof  - testimonials, reviews, clients etc
Strong calls to action
Lead Magnets - free download, trial, ebook, cheetsheet, report, video, special offer, coupon etc

To convert a visitor into a client, your site needs to have a clear path that channels the visitor to a specific action, whether that’s filling out a contact form, accessing a download page, signing up for an email marketing campaign or clicking the buy button at the checkout.

This can be achieved through a combination of great visual design, persuasive text, appropriate imagery, testimonials, strong calls to action and an array of other psychological triggers to name just a few. Your site needs to be both good looking AND high converting!

At the end of the day websites should be easy to use and to the point.  Think of it as a funnel that naturally guide users to their intended destination or goal.

Having an effective design will not only open up new opportunities by improving your business image, but it will also help build authority, credibility and trust, saving you time and money. Because it’s accessible 24/7/365 you can reach a much wider audience and really engage directly with your clients.  When it works, you will get a return on your investment.

Think of your website as a bucket with tiny pinholes that is leaking opportunities. My job is to help find and plug those leaks.

Here’s the deal

I look forward to talking to you and figuring out how we can make your business more successful. Before that though you should know that a bespoke, mobile-friendly website typically starts at €4,000.

If it sounds like you’re struggling with any of the issues mentioned above then I’d love to help. Just lick on the button below and provide your name and email and I'll respond with a few initial questions. I’d just like to determine if we’d be a good fit before we take the time to chat or meet. We can then schedule a FREE 60-minute consultation to discuss your business goals in more detail and determine how we can make your business more profitable.

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Unlike other designers, I understand that you’re not buying design. You’re buying a strategy to move your business forward and become more profitable. To be honest, I don’t want to accept your money unless I believe I can make you more of it or add value to your business.  

You could just take my word for it, but that would be silly. Read what past clients had to say and take a look at a few previous projects...

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Our biggest issue initially was a lack of an identity and that was preventing us from competing in the property sales market.  Sheena worked with us to develop a very strong brand that gave us the confidence to grow in our sector.  With the help of a memorable brand identity, in addition to a website that was re-designed from the ground up and focused directly on our clients, sales now account for 35% of our annual turnover. That’s a huge increase from zero!
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How much will this cost me?
Because every client and project is different, so too is the investment required. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all. It’s only when you understand the desired result can you put together a plan on how to get there. That said though, bespoke, mobile friendly websites typically start at €4,000.
How long will it take?
Timelines may vary, but website projects typically take 4-8 weeks to complete. It's a collaborative process, so as long as you're willing to respond to queries and requests in a timely fashion, then everything will run smoothly and on schedule - with no surprises.

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