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Brock Delappe are a full service dublin based Estate Agency.  They are committed to achieving the best possible price through accurate valuations, expert advice, strong marketing campaigns and experienced negotiators.

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Branding & web design

The Challenge

We needed to start from scratch and create a new brand identity that communicated the core of the business.

Brock DeLappe are a Dublin based Property & Letting Management Agency who approached me to help them with a re-brand of their business identity and website, which they felt was vague and outdated.

They required a solution which was simple, memorable, creative and most importantly versatile so that it could be used consistently across all their brand touch points, marketing items, signage and online presence going forward.

Creating a strong and memorable visual design identity communicates your unique value and helps grow a loyal customer base.

The Approach

As a business that offers clients both property sales and letting services, I felt it was important to create a brand mark which was universally understood, yet clearly communicated both facets of the business. It was important to realign the logo's visual appearance with the company's future goals - something which was missing from their existing identity. We also needed to ensure the website integrated their property listings so they could promote their business online.

If your business is unable to compete for space and attention in today's oversaturated marketplace, you'll slowly drift further and further out to sea.

the design

Uniqueness is memorable

Choosing a symbolic keyhole icon significantly helped in communicating the various service offerings of the business. The brand mark itself helps conveys the dual aspect of the company ownership - David Brock & Kevin Delappe - and when viewed in reverse also doubles as the letters "b" and "d", symbolising both surname initials in a more subtle way. This gives the brand identity a personal touch, reflecting the personal service they provide to their clients. Although simple in format, it is focused and easily recognisable. This new mark was then carried across and used as an individual design element on all other marketing items. This created a cohesive and professional visual identity.

Collateral designed included stationary, brochures, folders, leaflets, flyers, cards, advertisements, interior office design, outdoor signage, banners, umbrellas, cards, pens, key rings, vehicle wraps, email marketing campaigns and of course their website, which was redesigned from scratch and is now more focused on their properties.

the results

Delivering on our Word

Having taken on board the vision to create a brand that was communicative and memorable, together we delivered something timeless and versatile that enables Brock Delappe to compete with other larger, trusted and well established real estate companies. So much so, that they are currently opening a third office and are going from strength to strength.
40% Increase in Sales
Our biggest issue initially was a lack of an identity and that was preventing us from competing in the property sales market.  Sheena worked with us to develop a very strong brand that gave us the confidence to grow in our sector.  With the help of a memorable brand identity, in addition to a re-developed website and various marketing initiatives, we've seen aggressive growth in terms of visitor numbers, clients and, more importantly, sales which amount to a 35% year on year increase.
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