Don't throw profits away because you're too busy

We all know the creative industry can sometimes feel like a feast or famine cycle. You try our best to get enough work in the door, but then realise you bit off more than you can chew. That’s where having a reliable designer on call can be a real bonus.

efficiency focused

Save yourself time, stress & money

Meeting the marketing and communication needs of both your own business and your client's businesses can be tricky. Projects can arise unexpectedly and you have no option but to turn away work because your designer(s) are too busy to meet another deadline.

Or perhaps you have an ongoing need for design services, but are not currently in a position to employ a full time in-house designer.

That's where a design retainer can be the perfect solution for your company.

A  retainer package is designed to give you the flexibility, availability and responsiveness that comes with having a virtual designer on call.

Just staff training required, no employee taxes, benefits or annual paid leave, no hardware or software investments, no additional equipment to buy and no overheads.

Retainers are a cost-effective way to access all the design services you’ll ever need without having to fork out for a new employee.

Save time, stress and money.

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how does it work?

A design retainer is essentially an agreement between your business and mine that allows you to reserve as little or as many hours of design services each month.

Among other benefits, you'll be paying a discounted hourly rate and your projects will always take priority in my schedule above other clients.

You set the budget by choosing how many hours/days you'd like to reserve every month. I'll set aside that time for you and your projects, so you can focus on the business side of your business.

By outsourcing design tasks you can free up valuable company time to focus on other important business activities.

The Benefits

Focus on your business and leave the design to the designers.

Outsourcing design work will enable you to focus your time and resources on revenue generating opportunities without the headache and stress of trying to do it yourself or finding someone last minute to help out, or worse still - losing out on a great business opportunity. Below are even more reasons why a retainer can be a great solution...

first priority

Your work is scheduled first. You're front of the line for any other requests that arise.

Discounted rates

And rollover hours help ensure your marketing budget is being used efficiently.

no overheads

You get the access to a professional designer without the overhead associated with an employee.


You get an experienced designer who will ensure your marketing communication is consistent.

full access

You get access to a variety of design services that will help you accomplish your business goals and become more successful.

long term

Build long term relationships and avoid the need to continually interview and brief a new designers with each project that arises.

peace of mind

You get an experienced designer who will ensure your marketing communication is consistent and cohesive.

less paperwork

More simplified accounting, less hassle and monthly reports of time used / remaining.

what's included?

As a full-service retainer, almost all branding, graphic and web design is included in my retainer agreement. For example:

Design consulting
Website / Landing pages
Design audits - to spot potential UX improvements for conversions of client’s website
Brand identity - brand guidelines, business cards, stationary, brochures... you name it
Digital design - social media graphics, blog graphics, online adverts etc
Marketing & Promotional materials - Flyers, leaflets, posters, postcards, apparel and all other printed materials
Email newsletter campaigns

what's not included?

A design retainer does not cover additional expenses that can be part of an overall project. These include:

Stock photography
Outsourced Web Coding - or subcontractor fees
Software / Plugins
Font licenses

However, don't worry, we will consult with you before beginning any work to identify any costs that may be incurred in addition to your design retainer agreement.

Note: services such as logo design and website design are typically larger projects that require a number of hours/days to complete. This is why they are not included. We can agree on a separate cost for those tasks.


1 day per month
Discounted hourly rate
No rollovers
3 month minimum
2 days per month
Discounted hourly rate
No rollovers
3 month minimum
4 days per month
Discounted hourly rate
1 day rollover
3 month minimum

Don't see what you're looking for? No worries. I can tailor the plan to suit your individual needs.

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Why not try it out for first. Test the waters.

Each package has a 3 month introductory contract so that after that time we can take a look at how things are going and make sure you have the best package for your needs.

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What about urgent work?
Typically, I can complete smaller projects within 1-3 business days. Though if you require tasks to be completed urgently (in less than 24 hours) I will try my best to accommodate you or determine the next availability in my schedule to get the work done. Hours are allocated on a first come first served basis, and allocation of tasks will be scheduled based upon availability.

For larger projects, or if you know you have something coming up and want to plan ahead, you can schedule project time for specific day of the month, with at least 7 days notice.
What happens to leftover hours?
I’ll do my best to make sure you stay up-to-date on the status of your retainer hours, but ultimately, the responsibility will lay with you to ensure they are used within the monthly time frame.  Unfortunately, any hours/days left over at the end of the month are forfeited (unless you opt for the Premium Package, which allows you to roll over 1 unused day to the next month).

For example, in the 4 day plan you can roll over 1 day to the following month only. However, if you have a 1 day plan but additional work in a given month, you will simply be billed for the additional time at the same rate as the retainer; not the higher hourly rate.

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