3Funnel is an cloud-based website conversion rate optimisation tool specifically designed for website owners and digital marketing professionals. It clearly identifies what is driving leads, calls and sales and highlights steps users can take to dramatically improve these performance indicators.


The Challenge

Introduce users to the tool and persuade them to sign up as paid users.

Targeted primarily at digital marketing professionals, web developers, UX/UI designers and business owners, 3Funnel developed a new way of analysing data that makes if more useful.

It essentially combines a mountain of complex data into one place in a simplified format - something which manually would take days. By clearly identifying what is driving leads, calls and sales as well as highlighting steps users can take to dramatically improve these performance indicators, it allows decision makers to improve their website, make informed decisions and achieve a real ROI on their digital marketing spend.

The primary message Des wanted to communicate in his branding was that this new tool that was innovative and disruptive, yet simple and easy to use. A solution that saves you time and money.

Creating a strong and memorable visual design identity communicates your unique value and helps grow a loyal customer base.

The Approach

Although there were other big companies in this space such as HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce, 3Funnel were relatively inexpensive by comparison. By price alone they were in a completely different market. However, it was vital that their brand identity not only reflect the simplicty of the tool itself, but look premium so they could compete in a busy online marketplace.

If your business is unable to compete for space and attention in today's oversaturated marketplace, you'll slowly drift further and further out to sea.

the design

Design is an investment that creates value for your business.

The tool itself combines data into three funnels on the dashboard. Hence the name 3Funnel. Simple, yet effective. No back story behind this name. The design process was also relatively straightforward. Although creating a simple logo that can adapt across various environments is often the most difficult task. Ask any designer.

Having explored various type approaches and combinations, I finally settled on a triangular, funnel symbol in the shape of the number 3.
I combined this with a bold, modern san-serif font and fresh colour scheme.

The brand’s simplicity and bold aesthetic not only will be memorable to people who encounter it, but is a true reflection of the value’s 3Funnel embodies.

the results

Delivering on our Word

The end result successfully captured the client's request for a simple, professional and versatile solution which will no doubt help to further convey their position in the market as the premium provider of exceptionally useful analysis tools. Creating a strong brand identity helped secure 100+ initial customers, allowing them to secure funding to expand the business further.
Sheena’s work on our branding and marketing materials has made a significant difference to our business. We approached her with a general brief, and she was able to take that, focus in on our vision and goals and create a visual brand identity to help take us there.  Our branding perfectly communicated the simple, professional and versatile image that we needed to convey our position in the marketplace. Her branding work helped 3Funnel acquire 100+ customers initially to secure funding so we could expand.
des martin | founder

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