Zero Lawn Care

Developed by Horkans, Zero is a two step program that will not only get rid of moss overnight, but also fertilise, nourish and feed the grass for up to 3 months - creating the perfect, green, long-lasting lawn.

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The Challenge

The goal was to create a new, easily identifiable brand identity for a series of lawn care products.

The Horkan's name has been synonymous with horticulture and pets excellence in Ireland for over 80 years. As a family-owned enterprise, they boast a vast experience in delivering top-notch products, professional advice, and exceptional customer service to their clients.

I was approached by the group who were seeking help in establishing a brand identity for their latest products including a two-step lawn care program comprising Zero Lawn Moss & Zero Lawn Feed. This potent combination offers an ideal solution for achieving the perfect lawn. Horkans required a fresh and distinctive identity that could be consistently applied to various products, packaging, and promotional materials for both in-store and online.

Establishing a compelling and unforgettable visual design identity helps grown a devoted customer following.

The Approach

Given that these were new products, I opted to design a simple, contemporary, to-the-point identity that would stand out amongst competitors. Incorporating a leaf element into the logo not only tied in with the company's horticulture background, but also helped create a more holistic brand image that resonated with customers who are garden proud and value quality, reliable products.

In today's overcrowded market, if your business is incapable of competing for visibility and customer attention, you risk drifting further and further away from success.

the design

A logo that is simple and unique is more memorable.

Incorporating a symbolic leaf icon was instrumental in establishing a connection between the brand and the horticulture background of the business. Furthermore, the brand mark was appropriately designed for the industry, evoking natural elements such as grass, trees, and other greenery. Although simple in format, it is focused and easily recognisable.

This new mark was then carried across and used as an individual design element on other marketing items. Collateral included posters, flyers, gift cards, banners and in-store signage.

the results

Delivering on our Word

Horkans can now effectively compete with other well-established lawn care companies both domestically and internationally. The brand we created has a timeless quality, allowing them to expand their product offerings beyond just Zero to include patio algae cleaner and ready-to-use lawn moss. Their continued success is a testament to the strength of their brand.
Sheena is an integral and important part of the success of our brands including Zero, Petworld and Horkans. Her design expertise and professional approach has helped us grow our brands to a nationally recognised level. Sheena manages all projects in a timely and professional manner to deliver an outstanding result in matching and exceeding our brief.
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