Petworld are the leading Irish pet specialty retailer. They pride themselves on providing the right pet products, services and pet advice that make it easy for our customers to be the best pet parents.

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The Challenge

Revamp an outdated brand identity and create a fresh brand that aligns with the current state of the business.

Petworld, a prominent family-run pet retailer in Ireland with 25 years of experience, had established itself as a leader in the industry. However, their initial branding was becoming outdated and did not accurately reflect the company's current direction. Despite offering high-end premium products, exceptional customer service, and expert pet advice, their original branding did not effectively differentiate them from their competitors or communicate their community-focused approach.

To address this issue, Petworld required a versatile new brand identity that could be seamlessly applied across all consumer touchpoints, including printed marketing materials, promotional items, in-store signage, and online presence.

Your brand is not just a name, it's a story. So make it a bestseller!

The Approach

Through a series of strategic workshops that included participation from both management and staff, we gathered information about the brand, its values, target audience, and competition. This collaborative approach allowed us to gather insights from individuals at all levels of the organisation and ensure that everyone had a voice in shaping the brand.

Effective branding can set a business apart from its competitors, create a loyal customer base, and establish a strong reputation.

the design

A logo has the ability to convey the essence of a business.

I started off by sketching different concepts and ideas that integrated elements of the business. After considering multiple options, I eventually settled on an icon that combined the letter "P" and "W" for Petworld, an abstract paw shape to represent pets and a tilted heart shape to convey the love Petworld has for animals and their customers. Colours and typography can have a significant impact on how a brand is perceived and can often eliciting a particular emotion. I chose colours that aligned with Petworld's personality and values such as: premium, quality, authority, happiness, warmth, and positivity. This was carried across to all in-store signage, marketing materials, social media and website.

the results

Delivering on our Word

With a fresh, new brand identity in place, Petworld can move forward confidently knowing they are communicating the very essence of their brand - wherever their customers experience it. I'm thrilled to share that my work with the guys has helped elevate their brand, resulting in increased exposure, more customers, and a positive impact on their business.
Horkans have worked with Sheena for many years and we highly recommend her. She re-designed and relaunched our branding and helped us launch the new brand across our website and store network. We have experienced a huge increase in website conversions/sales and more positive comments than ever. The new branding/website is engaging potential customers and bringing our business fantastic results. Working with Sheena was (and continues to be) a fantastic experience.
paraic horkan | CEO

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