Oatlands Park

For sale through Brock Delappe Estate Agents, this new and exclusive high quality development of 2 & 3 bed townhouses is situated in a tranquil setting with meandering walkways and private fruit gardens.

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Branding & Website

The Challenge

Create a website that showcases this new property development and persuade potential buyers to register their interest.

Brock DeLappe Estate Agents, a long term client of mine, approached me last year with the aim of helping them create a website that would showcase the newly built, exclusive properties within the Oatlands Park development.

My brief was to create a brand identity around this development which would help in both the advertising and lead generation of the properties.

Creating a strong and memorable visual design identity communicates your unique value and helps grow a loyal customer base.

The Approach

In order to generate potential leads for this development it was important to create a brand identity and website that was geared toward conversions i.e. potential buyers registering their interest.

In order to achieve that we needed to include clear, concise and detailed information about the properties and surrounding area, features, floor plans and image gallery. And if a picture paints a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. All of this, combined with a lead magnet (brochure download) and call to action, created a clear path that channels the viewer to a desired action - filling out a contact form.

Good design creates lasting first impressions. It promotes your product and builds authority and reputation, which in turn leads to a better conversion rates and sales.

the design

Strategic design increases engagement and conversions.

Situated in an affluent suburb of Dublin, Oatlands Park is located in a tranquil setting that boasts meandering walkways, trees and private fruit gardens. It was important that their new brand identity mirrored this.

The simplistic, minimalist and natural aesthetic is not only memorable to people who encounter it, but is a true reflection of the property setting. With a foundation of strong typography, the symbol of a tree branch and an earthy colour palette to mimic the colours found in the area, the resulting visual identity system appeals to a wide audience range - both male and female, young and old.

the results

Delivering on our Word

Keeping the unique location and setting of the development in mind at all times, we created a brand identity that reflected that along with a website, or should I say, a 24/7 sales tool that is working on your behalf, doing the heavy lifting and converting visitors into potential buyers. I'd call that a success.
Right from day one Sheena focused in on our business objectives and created an innovative solution that aligned with our goals for growth.  She spent time really listening to us, then created a solid strategy that included innovative ways to improve how we market ourselves digitally. Everything from concept, to design and development, project management and evaluation exceeded our expectations, and the process was seamless. Work with her, you will not regret it.
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