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Below are some further examples of branding, graphic design and web design projects I've worked on for past clients over the years.

Branding & web design


Don't fall behind your competitors by failing to include design as part of your business.

For most businesses, design is an afterthought - after their strategy (if any) has been formulated, key decisions have been made and budgets have been allocated.

Successful businesses however incorporate design as part of their business strategy from the outset. Why? Because involving design at an early stage can save you money, result in a better offering and a better experience. It results in customers viewing your business as professional, experienced and progressive - a business that is focused on them and their needs.  

Below are a handful of projects I've worked on for clients who understood how valuable design can be...

Our biggest issue initially was a lack of an identity and that was preventing us from competing in the property sales market.  Sheena worked with us to develop a very strong brand that gave us the confidence to grow in our sector.  With the help of a memorable brand identity, in addition to a website that was re-designed from the ground up and focused directly on our clients, sales now account for 35% of our annual turnover. That’s a huge increase from zero!
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