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Window To The Sea

Founded in 1977 by two French brothers, Breizon have developed a new range of gourmet ready-to-eat seafood products under the brand name Window To The Sea. Their products include Irish Crab Claws, Prawn Tails, whole cooked Prawns and Shellfish selection - all prepared locally in Connemara by this family run business.

Breizon understood how crucial branding would be to the overall success of this new venture. After discussing the direction they wished to take, it was clear that the client sought a solution that was was reminiscent of an established, family run business, while modern and forward thinking at the same time. To enable the product to stand out on the shelves, it was also important to distance the design from the popular industry associations with the colours blue/green and overused fish icons.

Drawing inspiration from both modern and vintage elements, a logo was developed which incorporated abstract elements to represent the sea fishing in general - thus not limiting the brand should it wish to expand it's produce in future. The strong, traditional typeface combined with the colours of black/beige/gold fit the natural, homemade, gourmet, luxury look we were aiming for and high-end market they were hoping to target. The end result was a simple, versatile and timless logo which will work well across multiple mediums.

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I was looking for a designer for a small food company with a limited budget. What I got was a designer who treated the project as if it was a very large one with a large budget. She was extremely professional, delivered on or before time and above all with great creativity...

Aisling Roche - Owner


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