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ProSpeak offer professional elecution lessons, presentation skills and voice coaching services and were in search of a unique new brand identity to represent their business. The trick with this project was to strike a balance between a professional, experienced and savvy personality with an identity which would come across fun and unintimidating in the same instance - given that clients ranged from school students and teachers to lawyers and groomsmen.

From a visual point of view my task was to unify the company's services into one unique and recognisable mark. Early iterations played on the concept of speech, voice, volume and sound, though I eventually settled on a more universal representation of speech/quotation marks. This logomark is composed of various letter/characters and this ties in with the concept of both the written word and spoken language, while the angle of it creates an edgy feel - thus inviting attention. This, combined with a clean font and the colour turquoise, portrays a sense of calm, clarity and confidence - everything the client wished to achieve for their clients.

Design Solutions

  • Creative Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Stationary Design

I was highly impressed with Sheena’s design concepts. She is a very talented lady, a consummate and reliable professional...

Ernestine Duffy - Owner


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