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McCarthy & Associates take great pride in being a leading family-run practice in the audit, accounting and business advisory sector.

After being referred by a previous client, I was approached by Garrett McCarthy in relation to redesigning their existing logo. They required a design that was evocative of an established company, while still portraying the family-run, client-focused aspect of the business and personal touch of the staff. With this in mind, and conscious of possibly pigeonholing the brand with a specific icon that could date easily, we eventually decided a simple character based symbol would be the most appropiate solution. This mark combines the letters "M" and "C" which represent the family initials, yet retain the professional look that the industry expects. The traditional typeface chosen, in combination with the colour scheme help convey trust, competence, loyaty and professionalism. A horizontal logo layout and one alternative stacked version were provided. This allows for future verstaility and enables the logo to be used throughout a variety of mediums.

Design Solutions

  • Creative Consulting
  • Logo Re-Design


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