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Ireland Chauffeur Travel

Irealand Chauffeur Travel are a private Guided Tour Operator based in Ireland.

This project involved a re-design of their existing logo and provision of an accompanying stationary package to help unify this new identity. My first task was to identify the issues with the existing logo and determine how I was going to provide a memorable and effective solution. The client's target audience is primarliy middle to high-end clients from North America, travel agents and tour comapnies. With this in mind, it was vital to the success of the re-design that it convey a dynamic, trustworthy, family-run tour operator with years of experience and a solid reputation. It also needed to work independently as an icon that was modern, yet had recognisable traditional roots in Ireland.

After an intense brainstorming session, sketching and multiple iterations, we eventually settled on a flowing, abstract shamrock symbol which communicated the irish aspect (along with the colour and typeface choice), while the road element helped elaborate on the touring aspect of the business.

Design Solutions

  • Creative Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Identity/Stationary Design
  • Website Banner Design
  • Visual Website Design


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