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I was approached by Keith last year in relation to redesigning his existing logo, which he felt was no longer a true representation of his business. He needed a strong brand mark and scheme that could be used consistently across all of his products and marketing channels in future.

Having discussed the business name and direction in detail, we agreed that Keith Heneghan Photography would be the most suitable and best route to take. Keith runs his own business and works directly with clients, so making his brand name personal as opposed to generic made the most sense.

In terms of the logo itself, we needed to create a visual mark that was strong, unique, memorable and versatile. Although we discussed many different logo styles such as classic, retro and vintage for example, we agreed that creating a mark that was too stylistic or trendy could date very quickly. Because Keith provides both commercial and wedding photography services, we also wanted to avoid pigeonholing his business or alienating his existing corporate clients. With this in mind, we developed a solution that was neutral, simple, clean and modern. This would allow him to easily expand his service offering in future without issue.

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