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First Choice Fitness

First Choice Fitness offer personal training sessions that are tailored specifically to your needs to ensure you get the most out of your time and get you to where you want to be. Services offered include 1-1 training, weight loss & toning, dietary & nutritional advice and bodybuilding.

After discussing the project with the client, I was able to determine the overall direction to take. To aid in the success of the brand I felt it was important to create a logomark that was not only unique, but creative, descriptive and easily regonisable at the same time - a mark that had the power to stand on its own. The first few initial concepts were based primarily around the business name First Choice Fitness and included a play on the number one. However I felt a symbol that was more indicative of the services provided, and the idea of reaching your individual goals through growth and guidance would be more appropiate. The cyan colour used helps reinforce the youthful, energetic, positive, productive and expert visual aesthetic we were aiming to portray.

Design Solutions

  • Creative Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Stationary Design
  • T-Shirt Design

Sheena really worked her magic on my logo! She's full of ideas and creativity and just gets branding - she knows what works and what won't and isn't afraid to let you know why either. I knew sheena was a perfectionist from the start because it shows in her I wasn't at all worried!

John Oosten - Trainer


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