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sheena oosten

Born in the 80's, you could say I was the typical girl next door who loved nothing more than being stuck in the middle of everything and anything that allowed me to be physically active and sport grass-stained knees. I suppose that goes a long way in explaining my soccer obsession and my family can testify to my childhood dream of becoming a professional soccer player, among other things ;-)

However when I grew up and the time came to focus on a 'proper career', I intially pursued one of my other passions - language. Opting to study a well-rounded Arts Degree has I think, in hindsight, has helped expose me to a variety of fields that I now design for. While at university I discovered the world of web technology and haven't looked back. After graduating from NUIG with a Bachelor of Arts (International) in German and Information Technology, I obtained a H.Dip. in Systems Analysis (with a particular focus on design & multimedia) a year later. I've always been very artistic, so I guess it's no surprise.

I've been told I'm super passionate about what I do, so in many ways work rarely feels like a typical job. The first 4 years of my career was spent working in a small design studio and that experience was priceless. However I soon realised that home is where the heart is; so I decided to relocate and take on the challenge of setting up my own business. I'm happy to say that 5 years on I'm still going strong.

Other amazing experiences I've enjoyed over the years would include studying at the Otto-Friedrich Universität in Bamberg, Germany for a year and spending some time working and travelling around America. Being artistic at heart I jump at every opportunity to get creative, whether that's with a camera, brush, pencil or accoustic guitar. When I'm not busy with all of the above I love movie nights, music, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Anyhow, enough about me...

How I work



You’d be surprised how many people overlook this initial step, but the discovery phase is one of the most essential. Like a compass, it helps set the direction your project will take. Fact is, you can’t develop an effective solution without a solid understanding of the problem or goal. You’ll have ideas and I’ll have questions. Although I’ll be working for you, we'll be working together - the result of which will be a solution that will successfully communicate your unique message. Afterall “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Oh and don’t worry, we’ll also get down to the nitty-gritty of budgets, timelines and scope...



Now that the detective work is out of the way I can really get stuck in. Creative types never stop thinking...it’s an unfortunate side-effect of our imaginative nature. You’ll find me doodling and jotting down ideas on whatever’s at hand, be it a piece of paper, a napkin or even a hand. Left-brain logic will then kick into gear and I’ll take the knowledge gathered from our research and planning phase and begin brainstorming, sketching and wireframing. Gathering the various puzzle pieces and fitting them together is what my job will entail. With a great deal of tea consumption, deliberation on aspects such as information architecture, content hierarchy and user experience, a solid conceptual solution will ultimately emerge.



In this phase the right brain takes the reins, I get creative and designs comes to life. Visual elements are purposefully applied and tools such as lines, shapes, typography and colour psychology are carefully combined to ensure your unique message is successfully communicated. Each pixel is handcrafted with purpose. Striving for perfection is a challenge, but I set the bar high! When it comes to websites, this phase also involves coding, optimising, revising and testing to ensure they adhere to current standards, best practices and work well across multiple browsers - so ALL your viewers have a positive experience! Design isn’t just about making things look good – it’s an equal mixture of aesthetics and function. What use is a pretty façade if it doesn't work?



By now you might be hearing drums rolls, champagne corks popping and doors opening...but wait! We're not quite there yet. After artwork has been printed, websites have been launched and everything is up and running, they'll most likely require further promotion, management and on-going monitoring and tweaking. Sadly, marketing campaigns don’t become successful overnight. What use is a website that customers can’t find or a flyer that few have seen? Don’t worry though; I’m not going to disappear like a rabbit in a hat. If you need training, maintenance, support or just some simple advice then I’m here...I like to build long term relationships with my clients.


Now you understand the inner workings of the design process, are you interested in discovering how I can help your business connect with your viewers? Why yes, tell me more...


Sheena provided an excellent service. Her designs were exactly what we wished to convey to our customers. Her service was always reliable, fast and responsive. I would recommend her for any design related work...

Shane Martin - CEO / www.torbellinosa.com

Sheena really helped us out when we were in a bind. Not only did she do an excellent job, but she delivered ahead of time! I have no hesitation in recommending Sheena to anyone looking for quality design...

Des Martin - Director / www.searchmill.com

Sheena, is in one word EXCELLENT. Her attention to detail is outstanding. Sheena designed our first ever national online takeaway report for JustEat and I found her brilliant to deal with from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend Sheena enough. JustEat Ireland will be using her services again soon…

Emer McCormack - Marketing / www.just-eat.ie

I was looking for a freelance designer for a small food company with a limited budget. What I got was a designer who treated the project as if it was a very large one with a large budget. She was extremely professional, delivered on or before time and above all with great creativity.

Aisling Roche - Owner / www.armsmarketing.com

I sought Sheena’s help after picking up a Client’s failed web brief. Sheena nailed the concept immediately, supported me through the process and identified areas for enhancement. The final result was stunning, loved by the client and the results speak for themselves…

Ian Armstrong - Director, Insideline / www.office-response.co.uk

I was highly impressed with Sheena’s design concepts. She is a very talented lady, a consummate and reliable professional...

Ernestine Duffy - Owner, ProSpeak

Sheena’s work ethic is excellent. Her design ideas are clever and work rate is impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone looking to achieve an enhanced web presence...

Pancho Harding - IT Director / www.originsystems.co.za

Sheena is very thorough in her approach to work and quickly came to understand the needs of the organisation, the result of which was some excellent logo concepts. She is very personable and was a pleasure to work with. She went over and above the requirements of our agreement both in terms of service and products...

Máirín Delaney - MD Communications

Sheena has become an absolutely invaluable resource for us. She has always provided excellent customer service and communication, taking the time to understand both our client's business and the surrounding market. When it comes to her design skills, we really couldn’t be more happy. She's our secret weapon...

Mags Quisumbing - Producer / www.cstech.net.au

Sheena has an ability to create a UI and UX that just works, while also looking amazing! She's reliable and engages with us on a creative level, working seamlessly as part of our design team whom she has never met. Sheena is always my first port of call for design work...

Dave Jackson - Director / www.maddog.ie